Friday, February 7, 2014

Zumba Zumba!


Would you believe it? 38 days into the year of 2014. What have you accomplished this year of the horse? 

Well, I haven't accomplish much yet but I have done a real good job keeping to my fitness plan. What's my fitness plan you ask? I'm trying to exercise at least four to five days a week. Plain and simple to keep active. One of my favorite fitness class by far is Zumba. 

Dancing is my thang. I was reunited with Zumba (thanks to my friend in Oregon) back in October and since then, I've been hooked on it. Zumba Zumba. Every Friday, I'm shaking and grooving along with the music in the fitness room. Then I found a Sunday class in Hawaii Kai Town Center. Yes, I'm outside zumba-ing in the sun and heating things up. I even got my friend to come with me to my Friday class. When everyone is having fun, you don't even realize that you're working out. It makes my heart flutter when I Zumba. Woohoo!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I did it!

Happy 2014, everyone. First blog post of the year. Yes, I'm a bit lazy since it's already the 8th day of the year and only here is my first 2014 post. So I didn't keep my summer goal to write an entry a day but I'm determined to keep my New Year resolutions this year. I hardly make resolutions. I figure, what the heck, let's give a go.

I'm off to a great start. It's easy to begin the resolution. The hard part is coming up...keeping to the resolutions. One of my new year resolution is to cook more and advance my cooking skills. Yup, you've got it, cooking and me just doesn't mix well together. This year, I'm going to try to motivate myself, encourage myself, and entertain myself with my cooking. This past weekend, I accomplished it. I made my first green bean casserole. Whooo..... how I was so proud of myself to keeping to my goal to make it and not give in to laziness. 

In my opinion, it was a delicious casserole. I bought local green beans. Yay to me for supporting local farmers. I had to buy measuring spoons and cups because I really don't remember where I hid my old ones. :)  After all the ingredients were bought, I followed the recipe and it was done. I have made my first delicious green bean casserole. My family enjoyed it and my daughter gave me a gold star. That gold star was all that matters. If I got my daughter eating vegetables, I'm a big winner. This weekend, I'm starting my other resolution...running.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

I love the Christmas season. There are 13 days before Christmas. The holiday wreaths are hung outside, the Christmas trees are glittered with tinsel, and the windows are lined with sparkling lights to share with the world. The jolly ole day is just around the corner. Malls are packed with happy and grouchy parents, grandparents, and family members in search of the perfect gift for loved ones. It's always fun to think about what to get everyone for Christmas.

When I was a little girl, I remember asking for Malibu Barbie Dolls with her dream house and corvette. Now my daughter is asking for nerf rebelle, head phones, letterman jacket, and instax mini camera. I wonder if she's going to get everything on her list this year. The Christmas lists are looking totally different, huh, Santa?

As everyone grow up, we all ask for different gadgets and toys for gifts. For me, I was never a gal who ask for the latest android phone or tablet or diamonds. Although, diamonds are a girl's best friend. :) I'm always the one who ask for the intangible items for Christmas. Happiness to all my friends and family is one of the items on my Christmas list. There's also another item that's been on my list for the past years. I wonder if you've seen it, heard it, and considered it. Would I finally get this item crossed off my Christmas wish list this year?

Yours Truly
A Christmas Wish

Thursday, November 28, 2013


My pumpkins sat in my cubicle for almost a month. This year, I felt like being in the spirit so I made a jack o lantern. Well, not a jack o lantern since I didn't carve part of the pumpkin. I was just too weak. No arm muscles to carve a pumpkin. Hahaha.... Anyways, it was fun to just draw faces on the tiny little pumpkins. I was in the Halloween and Fall spirit.

Sunday, October 27, 2013



What does it mean when I crave carrots? The other day, I was craving carrots. I mean, not just feeling "hmmm....yum carrots." It was like my mouth salivating for fresh raw carrots and my body repeated chanting the message "carrots. carrots. carrots." So I had nothing more to do but to listen to my body. I went out to get some carrots. Not just carrots, baby carrots. And no, I'm not pregnant.

So maybe I was just deprived from some vitamins and as smart as my body is, it was reminding me to consume some vitamins. Vitamin A for my eyes so I could see better, some potassium to help muscle contraction and heart rhythm and fiber to assist with my food digestion. Yeah, vitamins does a body good. Have you had enough vitamins today?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So much love for my new friend

I love making new friends. Instantly, he fell in love with me. I'm just that lovable. :)  Hahaha....

Actually, Wes was my daughter's best friend for a week. We were on a trip and Wes was my friend's dog. He followed my daughter everywhere. He wanted to cuddle and wanted to play all the time. Wes was one who yearned for attention. What an attention hog. :)  We loved it. One day, he even slept with his paw on my foot so he could tell if I was going to leave his side. Another day, he lied right in of the couch where I was sitting so he knew when I was about to get up. At dinner time, he sat next to the dining table with his puppy eyes staring straight up at me. It was sooooooo sweet. I know, no food the dog. It soo hard to say no to them sad puppy eye though. Needy as he is, we enjoyed every bit of his company during our trip.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn's here

One of the most memorable part of my trip to Oregon were these trees. The colorful leaves fell upon us as we strolled through endless forests of Washington Park. The fall colors were breath-taking. The red, the orange, and green shined brightly every where I turned in Oregon. I loved it.  

In Hawaii, we only see the sun and the rain. I wouldn't mind getting some Autumn time down here. We could use some fall activities. I didn't have a chance to pick apples from the orchard during my trip but it would be a wonderful activity. I would have loved it. I'm sure biting into an apple that you picked would taste much more gratifying and tastier than buying an apple from the market. At least that's what I think and hope. Hahaha.....

Anyways, I was amazed at the beauty of fall. It was the most memorable sight. I love nature and what it brings each season. Now, I'll need to experience real snow. REAL snow fall and making snow angels in the snow and building snowmen and throwing snowballs. That's next on my travel checklist.